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If you are not seeing poll after publishing or creating a new poll or you are seeing 404 page not found in social media platform after sharing poll. then you must follow this step ->

Go to Admin Panel (Wordpress Dashboard)-> Find menu (Settings) in left hand side -> Click to Permalinks -> Click to Update / Save button

You will see you poll links are working fine. It happens wh
This plugin doesn't provide you sms api (You have to purchase bulk sms via sms service provider)
If you feel that api configuration is an issue with your side and not recieving sms otp after configuration then it might be a configuration issue please go for pro support at just $15 where we do configuration at priority for you. You can mail us anytime or connect via below given ways

Mail us at
InfoTheme Team posted Jun 14 at 3:45 pm
If you are facing issue in OTP system that, you are not recieving email after configuration please ask you web hosting provider or check spam of your email box, or you can just Install Plugin Called PostMan SMTP where you can configure your smtp even gmail. It will work perfectly. After configuration if you will feel you are not recieving otp code in mail while recieving email then go to voting s
If you face issue like this means your email field is blank or not configured properly as per our shortcode rules. you can reset the form and try creating it again. If you will feel that the issue is still there. Please connect with us at earliest with below given ways!

Mail us at [email protected], WhatsApp on - +91-9058846467 or +91-8439221651 or you can connect us via facebook
If you haven't received any license key after full payment please contact us instantly via below given ways and we will help you. It happens due to some technical issues from bank server or payment gateway or something else don't get frustrated please!

Mail us at [email protected], WhatsApp on - +91-9058846467 or +91-8439221651 or you can connect us via facebook
If you are facing error during activation of license and just moved from your test site to live then don't hesitate please mail us your order id and old license key we will resolve this issue at the earliest.

Mail us at [email protected], WhatsApp on - +91-9058846467 or +91-8439221651 or you can connect us via facebook or meesenger ->
It’s too easy to setup once you will buy this, You will receive an email with license key “Eg: ITWCMODS123456789”.

And Download Link of plugin, or you can get it from My Account. Once You will get zip file you can go to wp-content/plugins/ upload here. Or you can login to your websites dashboard “” In left hand side you will see menu named
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